Whenever making a video is mentioned, there is always someone who knows someone that would probably do it for free. Usually it turns out to be a distant relative who will show up with the latest smartphone and a keen interest in taking selfies for their own social media page.

Is this who you want filming and producing your web commercial? Sure the price was right, but if and when you ever see his finished video will it be of a professional quality that you would want to represent your business to your customers?

There is a world of difference between zealous relatives who think it would be a blast to film your video and a professional videographer with years of experience, using a professional camera with microphone, cine lenses and specialized gear like tripods, sliders, dollies, monitors and more! The results speak for themselves. When you watch a awesome web commercial for a company, it sends a message of quality, professionalism and leaves you with a lasting impression that this company knows what it’s doing. It’s very reassuring to potential future customers and helps reinforce the company’s solid reputation in their industry and marketplace.

The opposite is true when you watch a amateur produced video that totally sucks. You instantly form a negative impression of the company that can be hard to shake. Sure the price was right to have it made, but how much will it cost you in lost business? Was it really worth the initial savings in the long run? Remember, web videos play 24/7 on your site for years and years. What is the actual damage done to your company’s image and brand by posting an amateur video?

The key differences when hiring a professional vs an amateur videographer

Although your nephew’s new smartphone certainly is thinner than last year’s model, trust me, it is not the camera you want recording your company’s new web commercial on. Here’s why:

  • A smartphone, although thin and light, really has no easy way to lock it down on a tripod to stabilize shaky handheld filming. Unless you are trying for the cinema verite look, a true video tripod is required for rock solid filming without camera shake.
  • The audio captured through that tiny pinhole microphone will record terrible sound. It’s said that you never notice sound in a video until it’s bad. A professional uses balanced XLR shotgun or lavaliere microphones run through an audio adapter with levels, limiters and headphones to monitor the recording.
  • The tiny sensor in a smartphone is the size of your fingernail. Today’s professional camera sensors are many times larger and when used with professional cinema lenses, will produce stunning cinema-like true HD picture quality. Some cameras can even record in the latest 4K modes to capture up to four times the resolution of standard HD quality.

You are hiring years worth of experience

As with anything, experience and ability count. Your well-meaning nephew may be enthusiastic, at first, but how many live events or web commercials has he actually produced? Professionals have the experience, technical ability and storytelling vision to film, edit and produce a production you’ll be proud to post on your site. A pro knows not only how to shoot, but what to shoot and can direct the on screen actors to get the most from their performance and how all the many individual elements come together to form the final production.

Is hiring a professional production company worth it?

When you look at your options, a volunteer relative with a smartphone and time to kill, or a dedicated professional production company with experienced videographers, equipment and vision when it comes to telling your story, I know which one I would want on my side producing my next web commercial.