Have you ever bumped into someone you thought could be a potential client or customer and wished you had your laptop with you, to show them your sales pitch? It may have been while you were in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store, on the golf course or even while watching your kid’s soccer game.

You just never know when you may run into a potential new customer. If only you had your laptop with you! Although, even if you had it with you, remember how long it takes to turn on and boot up. Then you have to find the right file and open the proper program to run it. By the time you wait for all that to happen, your potential new customer has lost any interest they may have had in watching your presentation in the first place!

Imagine the sales and networking potential of having a slideshow on your smartphone or tablet? Just think how portable, handy and instant it could be to turn on your phone or tablet and start playing your company show. Now you can take a custom-made promotional slideshow with you wherever you go. From the golf course to the tennis court and from soccer games to the grocery store, restaurant and coffee shop. If you keep your phone with you, an opportunity may pop up even while walking your dog! Your smartphone never leaves your side and now it can become your most portable, profitable sales tool.

Fotoflix Video Production can take your promotional business slideshow and format it to play on any smartphone or tablet. So the next time you bump into someone who just may be a future customer or client, you can instantly impress them…just by passing them your phone.

Think of the impact and first impression that will make about you and your company. Call us today to discuss how easy and affordable it can be to produce a promotional slideshow for your company.