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    5 types of web videos to promote your business

    If you’ve ever considered video marketing to expand your brand, engage your customers and increase traffic to your website, here are the five types of…

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  2. Amateur compared to Professional Videographer photo

    Who would you hire to film your web video?

    Whenever making a video is mentioned, there is always someone who knows someone that would probably do it for free. Usually it turns out to…

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    You have a story that needs to be told

    You are unique, but of course you already know that. There is only one you in the world. The service you provide your clients is…

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    Imagine bringing your show wherever you go

    Have you ever bumped into someone you thought could be a potential client or customer and wished you had your laptop with you, to show…

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  7. Financial advisor with client photo

    The Role of the Investment Counselor

    Just as surgeons do not operate on themselves, successful people usually do not invest their own money. They have investment professionals manage their money for…

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    Beauty Spa Virtual Tour

    Virtual Tour slideshows are an innovative way to showcase your business online and let potential customers tour your facilities from the comfort of their home,…

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    Route 66 Classics

  10. Family Holiday Moments photo

    Set Memories in Motion

    Set your memories in motion with a custom DVD slideshow from Fotoflix Video Production.  Our shows are ideal for your travel snapshots, wedding memories, baby…

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